Authors: Ehsan Nowroozi

Grant Detail: PREMIER –  PREserving Media trustworthiness in the artificial Intelligence ERA


The “PREMIER: PREserving Media trustworthiness in the artificial Intelligence ERA”, project funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) under the PRIN 2017 2017Z595XS-001. (2020-2021)

While the appearance of AI-based editing tools is only the last, most dramatic, step towards the final delegitimization of digital media as a trustworthy representation of reality, MultiMedia Forensics (MMF) researchers have started looking at AI as a way to preserve the dependability of digital media. In the last years, several detectors based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have been developed to detect whether an image, or a video, has been manipulated, or to gather information about its history. 

Despite the promising results achieved so far, the application of AI-based methods for MMF is seriously hindered by a number of shortcomings including: 

  1. The necessity of training the MMF detectors on a huge amount of data which is representative of the variety of situations encountered in real-life.
  2. The difficulty of interpreting the results provided by CNN detectors.             
  3.  The lack of security of CNN detectors, as witnessed by the ease with which adversarial examples capable of deceiving them can be generated.

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