Real or Virtual: A Video Conferencing Background Manipulation-Detection System

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Authors: Ehsan Nowroozi, Yassine Mekdad, Mauro Conti, Simone Milani, Selcuk Uluagac, Berrin Yanikoglu
Year: 2022
Abstract: Recently, the popularity and wide use of last-generation video conferencing technologies has created an exponential growth in their market size. Such technology allows participants in different geographic regions to have virtual face-to-face meetings. Additionally, it enables users to employ a virtual background to conceal their own environment due to privacy concerns or to reduce distractions, particularly in professional settings. Nevertheless, in scenarios where users should not hide their actual locations, they may mislead other participants by claiming their virtual background as a real one. Therefore, it is crucial to develop tools and strategies to detect the authenticity of the considered virtual background…..

Ranked 1st in the M.Sc

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Authors: Mauro Barni, Andrea Costanzo, Ehsan Nowroozi, Benedetta Tondi
Year: 2018
Abstract: Detection of contrast adjustments in the presence of JPEG post processing is known to be a challenging task. JPEG post processing is often applied innocently, as JPEG is the most common image format, or it may correspond to a laundering attack, when it is purposely applied to erase the traces of manipulation….

Double JPEG Compression Detection Using Statistical Analysis

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Authors: Ehsan Nowroozi, Ali Zakerolhosseini
Year: 2015
Abstract: Nowadays, with advancement of technology, tampering of digital images using computer and advanced software packages like Photoshop has become a simple task. Many algorithms have been proposed to detect tampered images that have been kept developing. In this regard, verification of the accuracy of image content and detection of manipulations in images regardless of any previous knowledge about the image content can be an important research field……