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I’m looking for motivated graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in working with me on adversarial machine learning, Adversarial Multimedia Forensics, Adversarial Attacks, Adversarial Learning, Digital Image Forensics, Machine Deep Learning Security, Cybersecurity, Computer Vision, and Cryptography. To understand more about Adversarial Multimedia Forensics you can check Dr. Nowroozi Ph.D. Thesis at EURASIP  or ResearchGate. Reading the survey paper  is also appreciated. If you want to use Ehsan’s Ph.D. Thesis and a Survey paper for non-commercial purposes, please cite the following papers:

title={A survey of machine learning techniques in adversarial image forensics},
author={Nowroozi, Ehsan and Dehghantanha, Ali and Parizi, Reza M and Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond},
journal={Computers \& Security},

title={Machine learning techniques for image forensics in adversarial setting},
author={Nowroozi, Ehsan and Barni, Mauro and Tondi, Benedetta},

Please read my research papers and send me an email with your CV and a list of your research publications if you are interested in joining my research group or completing your final project under my supervision (if any). Your email should also include the following information: (i) the study field in which you are interested and why; (ii) your research intentions (if any); and (iii) your previous research experience.

Please keep in mind that I will only answer an email if I am interested in your background and previous activities. Otherwise, please presume that I am uninterested and send me a reminder email.

A good background in systems and mathematics, excellent analytical abilities, and knowledge of Python and Matlab are required for a successful candidate. If you want to work on a machine learning project, you should be familiar with TensorFlow, Pytorch, or Keras. If you want to work on cryptography, you should be familiar with VHDL or Verilog. Knowing Advanced C++ is also appreciated.

Only a few applicants will be approached for an interview on your final thesis under Dr. Ehsan Nowroozi’s supervision, and candidates are needed to finish a remote project or physically (usually 2-4 months) with Dr. Nowroozi to demonstrate their capabilities and teamwork ability.