Medifor: Media Forensics

Authors: Ehsan Nowroozi

Grant Detail: Medifor – Media Frensics


Project funded by DARPA and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) under agreement number FA8750-16-2-0173. (2016-2020)

Consumer-grade imaging sensors have become ubiquitous in the past decade. Images and videos, collected from such sensors are used by many entities for public and private communications, including publicity, advocacy, disinformation, and deception. The US Department of Defense (DoD) would like to be able to extract knowledge from and understand this imagery and its provenance. Many images and videos are modified and/or manipulated prior to publication/dissemination. The goal of this research is to develop a set of forensics tools to determine the integrity, semantic consistency and evolutionary history of images and videos.

We have assembled a team of outstanding technical experts from seven universities, with complementary skills and backgrounds in computer vision and biometrics, machine learning, digital forensics, as well as signal processing, and information theory. We investigating all areas of media integrity.


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